Friday, September 27, 2013

Back to ... as normal as I get.

So, yes ... I'm feeling better and back to normal.

Normal being rather lazy as a housekeeper. And abashed at being petty enough to feel jealous.
But, well, I'm sure that you don't love me because you think that I'm perfect.

(If that's the case, I am so, so, SO, so sorry to have betrayed you. Because I am so far from being perfect that, well, I can't even think of a proper metaphor to describe how far I am from being absolutely perfect.
But, I can attest that, thanks be to the grace of God, I'm perfect enough ... as long as I keep trying and keep my testimony. Since isn't that what the Atonement is all about?)

Well, since I have you here, let's figure out what I've been doing since last time ...

  • Mom came up. We talked and I drank a Cherry Pepsi (I know, I do prefer my Cherry Coke. ... But really it's the CHERRY that I like), and we watched a comedy special on Netflix (the guy was funny. Not too much of a potty-mouth. Still, it's weird watching a comic who drops an f-bomb while your mom's in the room. :P I think we're still Jim Gaffigan fans. Along with Bill Cosby and Brian Regan. ... But Mom and I do enjoy us some SNL. As in, if we sit together in Sunday School or RS, we will whisper Church Lady lines to each other. Good times). Also, Mom and I went out and got pedicures. I held Bubbles on my lap the whole time, so I wasn't QUITE as melted into the awesome massager-chair as I could have been. But it was fun.
  • Michael and I went to the kids' school's Curriculum Night for Bruise and Bubbles' grade. I jotted down notes, the kids played in the gym, and Michael took Bubbles on a walkabout after she got bored of snacks and the crayons I had stuffed in my bag.
  • Today was the kids' school pictures. I think everyone's hair looked good. Even when they came home. PHEW!
  • Since it was picture day, the kids had to take the e-receipts for their pictures (I preordered online) to school. I wrote reminders on the insides of their wrists. Bubbles saw me do it and demanded that I write on her wrists (YES, BOTH of them), too. So, Bruise and Bucket have "Picture Pass" scrawled on their wrists. And Bubbles is sporting twin smiley faces.
  • I got all caught up with watching Titli's Busy Garden online. Now I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. :P
  • I finished the scarf for Bubbles. Now to just use that loom for fun. 
  • I need to do dishes and laundry ... like usual. :P
  • Mom and I went to Target and shopped around. We got Bruise a puzzle (Star Wars, naturally) and we found (FINALLY) the little stuffed Fluttershy to complete Bucket's collection. (Bubbles got a set of Duplos, which she's loving) ... upon getting home, within five minutes of getting her pony, Bubbles had misplaced her. We said a prayer and looked and looked ... we found her again. BUT, in the meantime, there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. And I put myself in timeout so that I'd keep my cool in the midst of dealing with that. (And then Bruise and Bucket played with Bubbles' Duplos, which made them happy for the interim.) After Michael got home, though, we renewed the search ... and Fluttershy was found and reunited with the rest of the ponies. The elements of harmony are together again at last.
  • Finally watched The Great Gatsby. It was obvious, as we watched it, that it was Baz Luhrmann's work. And, as expected, the visual effects, soundtrack, and costuming were all excellent. I have to agree with Michael that the characters are all pretty tragically flawed ... but it was very pretty.
    (Very reminiscent of Moulin Rouge ... even bits of the score were SOCLOSE to the riff of "the greatest thing you'll ever learn" from Moulin Rouge.)
Besides all that, there's not a whole lot going on.
I don't remember enough of any of my recent dreams to give you any more Crazy Dream Chronicles™.
I printed out a "Read the Book of Mormon in 50 Days" reading chart. Which I need to use, instead of NOT use. 
I got rides for one sister at church for the next month ... which lets me concentrate on getting rides for November. Then December. THEN TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!
(Oh, that last bit was a joke. In case you were worried.)

I have the General RS Broadcast tomorrow. Our Stake is having some classes first. Michael will watch the kids so that I (and my cute toes -- pedicure, remember? I do!) can attend. And the kids will enjoy getting some more "Daddy time." So it's win-win either way. ^_^

I should start dinner so when Michael gets back from helping a gal in the ward move, it'll be ready.
Even though I'd rather just eat ice cream and take a nap (My favorite deadly sins = gluttony and sloth. Every time).

I still have no idea what to be for Halloween. Ugh.

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