Monday, February 11, 2013

They're coming ...*

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're just glad that you woke up from it?

And not because it was a really, really "this-could-totally-happen"-type dream?

Yeah. I dreamt of zombies.

Part of my dream featured the fact (in my dream) that I was going to get together with Mer ... So I had more than one reason to leave the house as my childhood home was overtaken by zombies (I think I was the only person there ... so it wasn't horrible-horrible). However, I wasn't totally prepared. I had left my wallet there.
And I was trying to walk down the (deserted) street without attracting any attention. To walk the mile to get to either Mer's folk's or my Nana's old place.

Another part of my dream featured a married couple in an RV. At a gas station, they were beset by zombies. The husband got bitten. The wife made an executive decision that if SHE had to drive, forget wherever they were headed, she was going to Alaska. She merged onto the freeway and traffic was atrocious. As she was driving, she heard a voice in her head, "Look out. You want to slow down." She did so, right as something slammed from the overpass into a car ahead of her. She slammed on her brakes, panting. Then looked at the next car over, where a little girl nodded knowingly at her.

They all were at the hospital ... apparently the girl's family were getting treatment for their young son (maybe eight?). And they decided to travel together. Why not, right?

They stopped at a house to recuperate. The son was starting to change ... but they had halted the change. His head was starting to look like a skull ... and was discoloring. But he could control his appetite.
Someone (me? But I don't know how I got there) went to check on the husband.

Upon inspection, his face's appearance was completely skull like ... like a white skull imposed over his dark skin. And then he started to try to bite. It was as if his mouth were connected to a motor ... like a wind-up motor. It'd champ at things frentically, then slow ... then start up again. He grabbed my wrists ... and I squirmed enough so that instead of my hand, he chewed -- inquiringly -- at his thumb, like ascertaining the flavor of a wine.
Of course, he wasn't fooled for more than a few seconds ... but it was enough time for other people to extract me from his grip.

Then I was with several people, strangers, here in my house. There was a little girl along with some other women in the living room, gathering up things, last minute, as we prepared to flee. As they were finishing packing foodstuffs and blankets and the like, I walked to the bedroom to grab a pair of sneakers to wear on our flight away from the zombies.

I stepped into the room and saw a shadow coming in one of the windows ... on the side of the closet, where my shoes are, OF COURSE.

The zombie hefted itself in, throwing its intestines in, like some gory grappling hook. Thankfully, there weren't legs attached to it. I screamed, even though that meant alerting it to my presence ... and any other zombies in the area would hear, too. And I raced back down the hall, screeching a warning that we needed to GET. OUT. NOW.

And then I woke up.

No, I haven't been watching The Walking Dead. Not for months. Nor have I been reading zombie books. (Actually, it's been a string of romance novels ... not a zombie to be found!)

So ... yeah. Obviously my subconscious is toying with me. Great.

* If you didn't get the reference, that's okay.
But a whispered "They're coming," is how zombies entering the screen are announced in the game Plants vs Zombies.
... And those are much cuter zombies, too.

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