Monday, February 11, 2013

Wow ... that's just sad ...

So, as I was getting that last (dream) post typed up and labelled, I realized something ...


Yes, one of the labels that I've had for this blog has been misspelled.

Well, it's changed now. You're welcome.
(How come nobody ever told me??? I feel like a complete idjit.)

... While I was changing that label (which takes a little longer than a simple "change all"), I noticed something else....

I obvs cannot spell the word "embarrassing."

Yup, ANOTHER misspelled label. FOR YEARS.

So, I've changed that, too.

Maybe you guys just love me too much to bring those to my attention? Maybe you were SO ENTRANCED and AMUSED by my blog content that you didn't notice my glaring errors at all?

Just tell me that you weren't totally snickering at my crap spelling and noticing-things skills.

But, well, I think now that I'll remember how to ALWAYS spell "embarrassing" (it's that second 'r' ... *sigh*) and I did learn how to change labels in Blogger ... so that's a good thing, right?

Oh ... it appears that you can use a different method to correct a LOT of labels at once.
(Since I kept getting a "You cannot change more than 50 posts at one time." ... Even when I only had, say, EIGHT posts selected. Which is quite a sight fewer than 50. Just sayin'.)

O! How the mighty have fallen!! /melodrama

Well, yeah. That's the big news of the morning. Besides Bucket being unable to find her lunchpail. FUN!!

So, I should go and do some dishes and laundry and be productive. I'll try to blog again later ... get you caught up on all the EXCITING things we did this weekend (SPOILER: Michael changed a light switch. Please try to contain your excitement).

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