Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mah kiddos

My children make me laugh.

We've talked about how Miss Bucket has cute buns. She does. (And terrific running form! She didn't get that from me, either!)

She comes back down the hall, interrupting my reading to adamantly declare that Bruise does NOT agree that she has a cute butt.

I told her, "Hey, he's your brother. He's not SUPPOSED to think that you have a cute butt. It's cool."

Later, Bruise is looking out the window.
I ask him, "[Bruise], when did you get to be so handsome??"

"I'm not handsome. I'm CUTE."

"But when you're older, you'll rather be handsome."

"Then I'll be handsome AND cute." He replied.

Bucket, not to be outdone, surmised, "Handsome, cute, and CRAZY."

Yeah, I do love those kiddos.
They're my crazy-heads.

And they got to go to HomeDepot this morning to do their first free kid's craft there.
So they now each have their own HomeDepot apron. ... Which they got to wear as they helped Michael and I mud the seams of the walls in the bathroom.
Happy birthday, Michael!
(He's gotten a passing score, to cut the grass, to mud the walls ... and I bought him an air compressor as an early b-day present. Mom and Dad C got him a gift card for the movie theater and a nice shirt. Mom's present will arrive in a few days. ... And we need to get him to ColdStone Creamery for his birthday ice cream. Yum. ^_^)

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