Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Part Uchtdorf

So, last night, I dreamed and woke up with a recollection of it (from the bags under my eyes, you wouldn't be that well-rested, but there you go).

In my dream, there was something going on in my hometown area (maybe for high school or church).

And my mom had taken my Roxy-Sis out for something ... she and I were scheduled to meet up later.

AND our friend, Mer, was there, so I was giving her a ride (like I'll be doing later this month).

I had a container of makeup and stuff on my desk where she appeared (Not anything like my IRL desk. There's not any ROOM for makeup there, since it's buried in books, papers, and office supplies).
I was going to give her this awesome (wish I had it IRL) pearlescent (creamy green to purple), GLOW-IN-THE-DARK liquid eyeliner.
But she had this special mascara or eyelash treatment, so she couldn't wear it. And I felt bad for offering her something she couldn't use.

On our way to meet Roxy, we were driving on a stretch of road and I pulled into a field to park, not realizing that I HAD pulled into a field.
It was a field that (somehow) was next door to my extended family's property (My great-aunt and her daughters' place), so we started the car again, and I yelled a "hello" (since we were in a hurry) to family members who were visible from the front (eldest cousin [well, first-cousin-once-removed],  then my step-aunt's granddaughter and youngest grandson).

Then we pulled into the old Stake Center in Douglas County for my church (the place where I happened to be baptized, by the by, though that doesn't pertain to this story) ... and there was a meeting there.

In one room, as we walked through, I caught sight of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (the second counselor in our church First Presidency ... so, in short, the third in rank of Church hierarchy), who left off talking with the group that he was with and made his way over to shake my hand.

He asked me how I was doing and about life.
I was a little star struck ... I usually don't get to talk with famous people (at least not without a LOT of planning and some monetary means -- like when Michael got us tickets to see Neil Gaiman, who's also such a lovely, polite person).

And President Uchtdorf wished me a (belated) happy Mother's Day and asked, "Sister [C], how's your calling going?"

(If you're not fluent in Latter-day Saint Church-speak, your calling is the responsibility that you've been extended [and accepted] in your ward/stake/area/etc. You don't get paid for it. My current calling is teaching the Sunday School class for the 12- and 13-year-olds [or that were 12 or 13 at the beginning of the calendar year, I should say]. My most-recent past calling was Nursery Leader. Michael's current calling [for what feels like FOREVER, but is really, what, six years, I think] is Elders' Quorum President. Our leaders, even our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and the apostles and area authorities are all called by God. And, yes, we CAN refuse a calling. It's our choice. Though it is recommended to accept, knowing that the Lord will strengthen and qualify you to the work ... If you have questions, just hit me a comment. I can explain more. ^_^ Clear as mud, right?)

And I started gushing (briefly, since I know that President Uchtdorf is a busy man and has lots of responsibilities) that I loved my calling ... which I do. I have a great class of young adults who make teaching really fun ... even if we barely touch on the recommended topic for that class. But I have the Ward's Sunday School President's okay for that. The main goal in the new "manual" (it's all online, really) is to help the Youth to understand the doctrines and be strengthened/ready to face the world. It's a BIG goal, but it's a good one.

But ... and I realized this more after I woke up ... President Uchtdorf KNEW who I was. He called me by name.

Which puts me in mind (especially after I've fallen out of habit [AGAIN] of daily scripture reading and prayer) that our Heavenly Father KNOWS who I am. He KNOWS my name.
Heck, he KNOWS me better than I know myself.

And that's humbling.

Still, as awesome and dear as President Uchtdorf is, HIS knowing my name is a little scary.
Since that could end up in a huge calling for Michael (or me) where we'd have to move to UTAH.
(Nothing bad about Utah, really. Besides the lack of green and that my family's almost ALL here in Oregon ... But I'm sure that it'd be lots easier to get a Caffeine-free Cherry Coke there ...)

But, yeah ... that's my takeaway from the dream. So far, anyways.

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