Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Since I last blogged (a real post)

Let's see, what all else has gone on the last couple weeks?

  • Michael's started playing basketball at the church a couple times a week
  • In related news, he got himself a case of gamekeeper's thumb (a guy fouled him. Or something. I don't know sports. Sorry). And he was pretty sore ... just about everywhere.
  • Other related news, apparently I have some semi-mad tape-wrapping skillz. I wrap Michael's ankles before his games. ... Apparently, I should wrap his knee and wrists, too.
  • I bought red lipstick. I figured that if anyone gives my guff about wearing it, I can just ascribe it to being part of my mid-life crisis, right?
  • We got rid of our water cooler ... and there were TONS OF ANTS swarming underneath. Fun.
    I do miss the ease of instantaneous tea brewing ... but it's nice that Bubbles isn't getting herself a million cups of water (and spilling them/throwing them/leaving them all over) daily.
  • Bruise caught some virus ... and was down for about 4 days with a fever. I took him (Bubbles tagged along) to the doctor. Got better dosage instructions for Tylenol/Ibuprofen. He went back to school on Wednesday.
  • The missionaries (sister missionaries) spent most of Monday (the 28th) at our house to do laundry.
    We fed them dinner on Saturday.
  • I got my Visiting Teaching done. I feel bad when I don't. Because I want all the sisters in my care to know that I like them very much.
  • Thursday, the kids' school had a get together. Mexican culture, crafts, some food, and each child went home with a new book.
  • Bruise was awarded Student of the Month at school on Friday. 
  • After school, we went to Michael's folks house. They watched the kids and we went out to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It's good.
  • Saturday was supposed to be a busy day. Free Comic Book Day, a local college had a Pet Day Fair ... Michael was at a shooting activity. But the kids weren't cleaning their room ... and so I just read books until they got it done (which wasn't until AFTER Michael got back. And wasn't long before the missionaries came over for dinner.
And, in the previous post, I already talked about Sunday. And a bit of Monday.

So, yeah. That's really about everything worth writing about. And probably even some things NOT worth writing about.

I should work on dinner or something. At least Michael's basketball gear is all the way through the laundry. So that's something. And I painted my nails and toes Sunday ... but I don't know that I'm wild about my nails ... I painted Bucket's, too, since she asked.

I don't want to do anything. I just want to curl up and not have had this calling extended to me.
But it's not like I can hide until they find someone else. Oh, I sure wish, though.

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