Monday, May 19, 2014

Good news:

  • Still no signs of eggs or lice in Bucket's hair.
  • Bruise has done enough work so that he'll get his Wolf badge at the next pack meeting ... along with his (gold) arrow point.
  • Bubbles is talking a bit more.
Less-than-great news:
  • I noticed more grey hairs. So I colored my hair again. Just brown.
    No one at church noticed, so I think I chose pretty well.
  • Even when I clean the house, it just gets dirty within a couple hours.
  • I had to leave my kids' room ... because trying to get them to clean up enough so I can vacuum is TOO DANG STRESSFUL.
    Let alone how my daughter ASSURED me that she'd sorted out all the clothes that smelled like cat pee (since they left a pile of inviting clothes on their floor ... and what happens when you do that in this house? GUESS WHAT? THE CAT WILL PEE ON THEM!) ... and I was going to hang up the clothes that were deemed clean?
    ABOUT HALF (most of them, really) still REEKED of cat piss.

    I'm never going to get caught up with the laundry.
Besides that, it was a busy weekend.

Friday, Michael and I went to the temple (Youth baptismal trip -- baptisms by proxy for the dead. And the people we do the work for have the opportunity to accept or reject it. It's not like they HAVE to be LDS just because we did the work. If they don't want to be, it's still cool.).
I brought some family names (My great-grandparents -- Nana's folks. And her brother. And some great-grandparents on my mom's side). So I felt a bit useful/accomplished.

Until you notice that another guy from our ward has HUNDREDS of family names. *sigh*
Then I feel slightly less accomplished.
But, hey, at least my great grand-parents (and great uncle) have this opportunity. Finally.
I mean, it's taken me long enough.

The kids spent the night at their grandfolks.
Michael spent most of Saturday fixing up the trailer we're buying from his brother. (We need to give C the money. He needs to help Michael rewire the lights.)
The kids had fun at the Kids' Mall Club. They all got their faces painted. Even Bubbles.
I took Bubbles to a birthday party for a couple of her friends in Nursery (the church group for the 18-month old to 3-year-olds). She had a good time ... and was tired enough that she slept from about 5PM until Sunday morning.

I've been working on finishing my library books (after being hit with over $6 in fines. *sigh* At least it was less than $10 this time, right? *headdesk*).

I'm just constantly tired and irritable ... or so it feels. I just want my stupid house to be clean and organized. I just want to suddenly find myself about 100 pounds lighter and in shape. I just want to be semi-fluent in Spanish and to understand WHY the grammar works the way it does (Rosetta Stone only goes so far).

And while I'm at it, how's about I suddenly have the great habits of daily scripture STUDY and individual prayer, praying over meals, flossing, weight lifting and cardio, prepping freezer meals, ... that sort of thing. How's about that?

Ugh, whatever.
I've suddenly turned into a total downer.

But, by hook or by crook, the kids' room is getting vacuumed TODAY. That's freaking IT.

And then maybe I'll go cry in the shower or something.

And then I'll finish throwing myself a pity party and do something useful for once.

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