Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Call this my "Zombie Post," 'cause I'm obvs back from the dead!

Dude, way to fall off the blogging bandwagon, there. Sorry for that.

Let's see, what all has happened since I last blogged?

There's too much. Let me sum up.

  • Took some meals to people. Arranged a lot more meals for people ...
  • We cleaned the church last month. I was the drill sergeant, teaching Bruise and Bucket how to clean the bathrooms. I've got a SYSTEM, you know. It's not the BEST. But it works.
  • We had Bubbles' birthday party ... it went well. We used the air compressor to blow up over 150 balloons. We shoved said balloons into the kids' (clean) room as a balloon pit.
    Bubbles also surprised me by knowing EXACTLY how to blow out the candles. She didn't waste ANY time with that.
  • Michael and I renewed our Temple recommends. Always an important thing.
    (As I'm trying not to snot all over and drinking herbal tea.)
  • Been working at getting over this stupid sinus thing for a few weeks. Fun times!!
    This time, the new thing is that my ear plugged up inside ... so, when I talk, it's like being in a tunnel. I'm not wild about it. 
  • Our ward choir performed for Stake Conference. At one point, Michael had to go sit with our kids.
    Another gal I was sitting next to, leaned over and whispered, "Your kids are so well-behaved!"
    "That's because I yell at them. A LOT." I responded back.
    "I don't yell at [her youngest's name]. That's why she's such a little brat." She concluded.
    I had to work really hard not to snicker like a loon, up there in front of EVERYONE.
    This gal is very sweet and soft-spoken ... for her to say that ... it still cracks me up.
  • We had a local children's performing arts series. We missed all but this last one -- a wildlife presentation. A group brought a selection of endangered animals/wild animals to show the kids ... you know, to build awareness. Michael was impressed when I correctly identified the kinkajou.  There were also a Fennec fox (oh, I would love one!), a porcupine, a baby alligator, and a boa constrictor. I think that was everything.
    Then we took the kids to the local mall's kids club activity. They had an inflatable obstacle course. Bruise was in HEAVEN. Bucket enjoyed it (with a neighbor girl and a school chum) and then decided she was ready to make the craft.
  • My friend, Bri, had a Pure Romance party at her place. I got lost on the way (what kind of a crappy friend am I, not knowing how to get to my friends' place ... especially since they've lived there over a year. *sigh*). It was fun. She's planning another ... so I had to invest in a cute dress (since she wants to do a Breakfast at Tiffanys/LBD theme).
  • I volunteered at the kids' school for a day -- just fetching students for hearing assessments. Nothing huge. There was supposed to be another gal to volunteer, but things came up and she never showed up. It was nice. I ended up with a couple blisters from walking all over the school so much (I'm glad it's not a huge school!).
  • Like I said, I bought a LDB (which I have to wear over a shirt, but it is nice. And for only $18, I'm not complaining!! I also got new sunglasses and a new bag. Yay for Ross and TJ Maxx, right? And, due to a good coupon, I got a pair of (clearance shoes) at Famous Footwear for $10. And they're really comfy.
  • In other coupon-y news, I went to The Body Shop. Between their sale and the card I have, I saved over 50%. Made me happy. More body butters? How can I resist? And I'm liking their lip butters, too. I also got some of those new-fangled curlers over at Sally Beauty ... I had a $5 off coupon, my club card, AND a coupon for 15% off. So it was totally worthwhile to invest in the big pack.
  • Michael and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. We left the kids with Mom and Dad C and headed up to Astoria. We stayed a couple nights at a very nice hotel. We went to museums and state parks. I was not the most fun (stupid sinuses = 2.5 hour POWER NAP, plus lots of saline rinses and decongestants!) ... but it was a great time. It was so nice to just hang with my favoritest ... and to be able to mosey through things ... and not change diapers or deal with gimmie-gimmies. ^_^
    (Don't get me wrong! We did miss the kids ... but it was nice to have a break. And they were being thoroughly spoiled at grandma's.)
  • Once we were back home, it's just been usual stuff -- housework, taking Bruise to the dentist, RS activity, Visiting Teaching, church, birthday parties, ... the usual.
I've been working with Bruise on his Cub Scouts stuff. I'm hoping to keep the momentum that he can earn his Wolf badge by summer break ... then we can work on his arrow points during vacation. That'd be nice.

We've also fallen behind on memorizing the Articles of Faith. I was hoping that the kids would be through the eighth one by now ... but I think we're still on the sixth. My main goal is for them to have all thirteen memorized by the end of the year. Then I just have to have them recite them every so often to keep them fresh. ... After that, I think it'd be in their best interests to memorize the seminary scripture mastery verses. Just so that they actually DO it. I never did ... and I regret that. It'd be nice to be a Scriptorian.
Well, isn't that why we have kids? So that we have a second chance to do things right the first time? ;P

Okay, this house isn't cleaning itself ... so I'd better go do some housework. And run the errands that I need done. *sigh*

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