Thursday, April 24, 2014

One thing good ...

As I was being a sadsack (AGAIN) last night, I said to Michael, "Is it bad that I do value my reputation? And that, according to two people now, I'm a manipulative, overbearing person? If it was just one, that'd be easier to brush off. But two ... I mean, I'd much prefer to have a good reputation..."

Michael: *with a bit of a Russian accent* "You know what is reputation? Is people talking."

Me: *taking up accent* "I have reputation."

Ah, that crazy Niska (from Firefly. Go watch "The Train Job." You'll see him there).

I mean, Niska DOES have a reputation. Just one that'd best used to frighten people.
Heh heh.

He and Jubal Early are both very interesting characters. Not people I'd want to emulate, mind you.
But very interesting.

Maybe if I just employ Firefly/Serenity and Princess Bride quotes today, I'll get over this ... fiasco.

When it's daytime, I seem to do better. At least I can shake my head and roll my eyes.
It's an improvement, right? Better than fester, fester, fester, rot, rot, rot.
(Maybe I should just watch "French Kiss" again, then ... if I'm going to quote it.
But it'd be better to watch it with my T or my Cynthia.)

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