Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Since last week ...

So, it appears that I'm to a once a week schedule.

I should change that.

BUT, until then, here's what you've missed since the LAST episode of Llanna's Life of Leisure and Labor!
(Cheesy. WAY cheesy. But I do kinda dig the alliteration ... but not enough to actually CHANGE my blog's NAME. That just wouldn't fly.)

So ... what HAVE I been doing? ... Um ... let's see.

Missing the summer reading program things.
... AAAAAAAs I look at the clock and notice that we've just missed ANOTHER.
Oh well.

Um ... let's see. I don't remember at all what Wednesday day held. But Michael and I WERE going to watch SYTYCD ... but the stupid channel wouldn't come in (Again, I hate the switch to digital signals. We USED to totally get FOX, the CW, and OPB. NO PROBLEM AT ALL ... Now? We DO get OPB, FOX is iffy, and NO CW. Gah.)
So we watched LAST WEEK'S episode online. And read the spoilers from the east coast people for tonight's show's results.

Mom came up on Thursday. We had Taco Bell for dinner before the missionaries came over.
Bubbles is sleeping in her crib now. And sleeping through the night, more often than not.

The weekend was rather fast. I got Visiting Teaching done. And we got some more stamps for the kids' scavenger hunt-thing. We got groceries. Got their room a little more organized. Went to church, went to choir ... That sort of thing.

I've signed up to be in the Stake Choir for our conference coming up. A general authority will be there.
This will be the third one that I've sang in front of ... to my knowledge. My home stake sang at a regional conference for President Hinckley. The University Wards choir sang for President Eyring.  ... I don't know who's coming for this conference ... But, yeah ... for the next couple of Sundays, I will be busy.
I also am going to need to pump some milk for Bubbles ... since I'll barely be home from 5-8:30ish in the evening. (That's for BOTH choir rehearsals ... not just the Stake choir. We're not THAT hardcore. :P)

But, yeah ... it feels kinda busy.

But the house isn't HORRIBLY messy.
We went to a baseball game. Stayed all the way through. It was fun. Our team (the home team) won.
We're ALMOST done with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
I'm ALMOST caught up on dishes.
I fixed a pair of legwarmers that I made for Bubbles. And made her a couple toys (like these. But with a crinkle sheet inside them). She seems to like them.

Besides that, there's not a lot that I can think of to report.

I mostly just want a nap. But I'm not going to get one. I let Bubbles sleep (well, I got her to sleep ... and back to sleep) while I washed dishes and did some laundry.

I also want a shower. I had got the kids ready for an impromptu playdate at the park ... but I didn't see the host, who was the only gal of the bunch that I knew ... so we went home.
But, I scurried us out the door. I haven't showered or anything. (Hey, I put on deodorant, brushed my teeth, and used some dry shampoo on my hair. And I slapped on some moisturizer ... But, yeah. Oh well.)

Aaaaaaaand, Bubbles is awake again. Time to get a bathroom break and get back to being a mom.

Yup, that's everything that I can think of.
If there's anything that I've really left out, maybe Michael will remind me.
Or not.
I mean, really, it's a total 50/50 chance.

Unless, say, I forgot nothing. THEN it's a 100% chance that he WON'T remind me of anything that I should have added.

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