Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pants on Fire

So, that posting-on-a-weekly-basis?

Obvs NOT.

Since, if I WERE, I'd have posted YESTERDAY.

So ... there you go.

Now, to rack my brain about what all's been going on.

Since there have been some things that happened and I was all, "Oh, I should TOTALLY blog that!" ... and, well, I am wracking my brain to recall what they were. Oops!

My mom came up ... we got caught up on Titli's Busy Garden (LOVE me some Titli!).
I got caught up on dishes ... then terribly behind. Almost caught up again.

Been battling the ants that wouldn't give up.
Cheeky buggers.

The kitchen is a lot cleaner, though.

And, unrelated, I've gone through the kids' drawers and mine ... got rid of clothes that don't fit and all.

On my lady cycle, so I had the moments of I-feel-like-crying-for-no-reason and the I-hate-how-busy-things-are-and-I-hate-everything-else-too ... YEAH, that's FUN. And I'm sure that it's SUPERFUN to be around.

My Bubbles-stuff tracker app on my phone is NOT WORKING.
So ... while I'm waiting for the company to get back to me, I've downloaded two other apps ... Yeah, I'm not used to them. But they were free. So ... yeah. Still not thrilled.

I have a new niece. And I'll be getting a new nephew next year. So, that's exciting.

Been doing laundry. Lots of laundry.

The kids got some Summer Reading Program swag ... That's always a fun thing.

I am so tired. Like, constantly. I should make sure that I'm getting my vitamins.

And I had DREAMS before Bubbles woke up, needing to be fed.

Mom, Bruise, Bucket, and I drove up to the next big town. There was a huge carousel and a permanent Ferris Wheel ... and, in this swanky store was a room where you could sample some foods.

Bucket tried this chicken broth-based soup (FILLED with rice and large red beans. Looked tasty!) ... Bruise and I opted to try the "Chocolate Soup" (think THICK hot chocolate. Like warmed heavy cream combined with melted chocolate) ... which ended up ALL OVER his face.
I was JUST about to try a piece of this Chocolate Yogurt Cake ... looked like a cheesecake ... so decadent!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then Bubbles woke up. *sigh*

Oh well.

We're one chapter away from finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ... and starting Harry Potter is EMO Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
. (I'll try not to SOB through the last chapters like LAST time.
So ... the kiddos (Bruise and Bucket. Not Bubbles) are going to visit the grandfolks for a few days.
It'll be strange not to have them around for a few days.

Of course, since I'm in the Stake Choir, it's not like I have a ton of free time on Sunday to relax.
Seriously, Michael, Bubbles, and I will go to church. Then we'll come home. I'll be nursing her and trying to pump (if she'll take milk in a sippy cup, we're good to go. Here's hoping!) and heading back to church for Double Potions Choir. (Yup, that's WARD Choir and then STAKE Choir.) Yup, 5:30 - 8:15, I'll be at church. I should take a snack, so I don't get all crankypants.

Monday is empty. Maybe I'll clean Michael's and my room ... We'll see if Miss Bubbles is on board with that.

Tuesday morning, I'll be donating blood. Then, in the afternoon or evening, the kids (and my Mom) are coming back ... We have some plans for Wednesday and Thursday ... It'll be good.
We might have plans for Saturday ... not sure (if not, maybe we can go to a concert??) ... and Sunday will be singing in the Stake Choir for Stake Conference, going home for a bit, and Ward Choir ... And MAKING SURE TO WISH MY MOM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
(She's turning 29, of course. Yes, I'm older than my mom. *nods*)

I should also clean my desk. Again.
And take a nap.
And take my vitamins.
And exercise (yeah, RIGHT).
And make something for lunch ... and dinner.

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