Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Introducing Bubbles (previously known as "BabyGirl")

Bubbles in profile with Daddy's hand

Bubbles, looking peeved with the flash, with my pale, pale hand in the back

Our sweet Bubbles

Bubbles (no, that's NOT what she's really named ... though, for a blog name, it came to me within a couple of hours) came into the world after an induced labor and 41 weeks of gestation.

She weighed (at birth) 9 pounds, 2 ounces and is 21 inches long. She had the cord wrapped around her neck as she made her exit from the birth canal, but was in fine shape about a minute after being under the warmer.

Her first APGAR score was a 5 (she was so pale and it took them about 45 seconds or so to suction out her lungs and stomach and get her breathing), but the second score was a 9 ... Yes, she's working at being an overachiever already. ^_^

Why is her blog name Bubbles?
  • It's a sweet name ... just like her.
  • She blows bubbles in her sleep.
  • She's got gas. Mylicon drops are our friend.
    She gets out some great little baby burps ... and some great little baby not-burps.
    That first night at home? She was in quite a bit of pain from all the gas, poor girl. But she's doing better. So we're getting more sleep. ^_^
Her hair was rather dark at birth (Yes, she did have more hair than Bruise or Bucket ... And, yes, it is related to the wild amounts of heartburn that I "enjoyed."), but has started to lighten a little. Her eyebrows are blonde. Her eyelashes were lighter, but have started to darken a little.
When you can see them, past her chubby, chubby cheeks (We think she carries all her weight in her cheeks), they are longer than they appear at first.

When ALL the nurses and doctors comment on how pretty and sweet-tempered your baby is ... Well, it's validating. Makes me feel like I'm not COMPLETELY biased. ^_^
Even though Bubbles had stiff competition for looks (Bucket was gorgeous from the start ... I'm still in awe that these gorgeous kids come out of my ladybits!! ... Glad that I've found a great use for those organs. :P), she's done really well. Her head was nicely shaped, especially considering that she had to blaze her way down the canal after 6 years of not birthing babies. Probably because she stayed nice and high until the last possible moment, really. :P

Bruise, as a proud big brother ... He's so sweet.
"Look at her FINGERS!" He marveled. "They're so SOFT and SMALL!! Oh! There are BONES in them! The bones are so soft!!"

Yeah, I just about melted into a little pile of mush on that.

Bucket is liking being the big sister, too. She's taken her responsibility of, when there's a dirty diaper and she's around (and not in bed or at school), running that diaper out to the outside garbage (and then washing and DRYING her hands).

They (Bucket and Bruise) both like to have an opportunity to hold Bubbles. They like to give her kisses and stroke her soft hair. ... They're not thrilled when she cries, but they know that babies DO cry. And poop. And eat. A LOT.
And they're aware that, when Bubbles starts crawling and walking, that they need to be VERY careful with their toys (We NEED to figure out what to do to help Bruise protect his Lego collection. At least until Bubbles is old enough/big enough for him to teach her how to appreciate Legos. ^_^)

I'll get the post about labor and Bubbles's birth up. Sometime this week.
But, as you can understand, I've been a little distracted. And tired.
(Between blogging and napping?? Well, napping has won out. Or watching episodes of Burn Notice on Netflix with my mom as she's up to help out and make sure the kiddos get plenty of attention. ^_^)
But I WILL get the birth story written up. I promise.
Especially since it has so many differences from Bruise and Bucket's entrance into the world ... Quite a few similarities (both induced, in hospitals, some of the same nurses, both made use of drugs [including epidurals ... Hey, YOU might be able to go all-natural, Earth-Mother. I obviously can't. And I prefer not to withstand pain that I don't HAVE to. I already dealt with a kidney stone two months ago. And, well, I don't care. I just want healthy babies and happy moms. Better living through pharmecutical/medical science gives ME healthy babies and the ability to have them AND be alive. I'm good with that.).

Okay ... now to find the Drano.
I have a kitchen sink that's obviously feeling neglected and needs some extra attention. Stupid thing. *shakes head*
O, the joys of home-ownership! :P

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