Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here's a blog. Hope you're happy.

Yeah, it's not my best moment at present.

I woke up about six to Bubbles spitting up ALL OVER MY CHEST. Yum! (Not. Not at all "yum.") So I jumped in the shower and Michael put her in the swing.

Since then, she's spit up all over a CUTE outfit ... and had her first blow-out in another cute outfit.
So, now that I have her in a NOT CUTE outfit, I'm sure that she'll be as clean and fresh as an ocean breeze.

However, she was very sweet and happy when she woke up and during her bath this morning ... so there's that.

Dad and L came and visited yesterday. That was nice. I managed to get things cleaned up (with LOTS of Michael's help the day prior).
Our house was smelling weird. I assumed that it was dishes or under-the-stovetop or the sink in the laundry room.
Nope. It was that Freyja-cat peed on the unfolded, clean laundry that was taking over the old couch.

So THAT'S been re-washed. And ... yeah.

Last week was our first week with me running solo during the day.
Monday was Bubble's two-week appointment.
She's gained over a pound since we went home. That was nice. And she's healthy. Always a plus.
Bruise and Bucket were very well-behaved.
We also found out what's causing Bruise's skin issues ...
He's got this condition ... wait for it ... DRY SKIN.

Yes, that's the official diagnoses. His skin just doesn't produce enough oil to keep it moisturized. So, hey! My rubbing almond oil into it? Perfect! Yay for trusting my instincts!

The kids brought home their report cards. Everything's looking good. They do need to put more effort into PE ... but, besides that, things are looking good.

Michael and I celebrated our anniversary (can you believe it? 11 years!) this weekend. Mom C watched the kids ... well, Bruise and Bucket. She would have watched Bubbles as well ... except that I wasn't aware that was the plan that she and Michael had made. So I didn't have anything to feed her while we were out (that would have been about 7 hours. Yeah ...), so we didn't go see The Hunger Games.
Instead, we went to Target. And Red Robin. And Safeway. And Baby Depot.
Yup, we just go CRAZY WILD.
Also, we had stopped at home ... and while Bubbles slept, I pumped some more milk. Now I have, like FIVE ounces saved up. Yeah. That's not much at all, really. Because I usually am just too dang tired to sit for 20 minutes and hand pump with the Medela attachment that I got last pregnancy. Yeah.
(Also ... WHY THE CHICKEN are electric pumps so crazy expensive? Just wondering.)

I know that we did stuff on Saturday ... but I really don't remember WHAT. No idea. Oh well.
Sunday was the usual ... get up, get dressed, church, come home, chillax ... and a frenzy of cleaning there while I had ANY amount of motivation.

I finished my library book yesterday night. Since I thought it was due yesterday. It's due today. YES! I finished it (BARELY!) before its due date. Go me!

Then, like I said, Dad and L came to visit yesterday.
Then I jetted the kids over to the pediatrician to check out Bucket's eye.
(She had a BIG, spontaneous nosebleed at school Friday. And again (but not as bad) late at night. AND one eye was all RED. Looked like pink eye, which I treated on Saturday. Just to be sure she wouldn't be contagious to the kids in Sunday School.)
Dr. R pronounced that her eye looked good ... and we could stop the eye drops. AND I got a prescription for another bottle ... so that, if we EVER get it again, we have medicine on hand. (Last year? Bruise caught it from the cousins at Grandpa C's funeral. And then Bucket came down with it the next day ... as did I. Then I caught it AGAIN the next month from one of Michael's brothers at another family function. *sigh* No, I'm not bitter ... I just really, really, REALLY hate pink-eye.)

By the by, I DID treat Bucket's eye with a squirt of breastmilk. And I got Bubble's eyes, JUST IN CASE.
Bubbles didn't get it at all ... and, really? Bucket's eye did drastically improve within 24 hours. Yay for lactation!

We're two days into Spring Break ... and Bucket was eating (dry cereal) on the couch. When she could totally see and hear the TV from the table. So I blew up and told her to finish eating and go take a nap for time-out. And that I REALLY didn't feel like making her any more food today, since I couldn't trust her to eat it where she was supposed to.

... AAAAAAAAAAND, apparently, I'm a liar.
Bubbles JUST spit up all over herself. In the not-cute outfit.
I look at her, in the swing, and she's got spit-up all over one shoulder and down her arm.

Oh, by the by? I don't know if this child will take a bottle ... which makes it just as well that we didn't leave her with her Grandma. Michael tried to give her a bottle (with water) to tide her over while I was out visiting a friend ... She (Bubbles, not my friend. My friend doesn't need a bottle. Nor would Michael feel impressed to try to administer one to her) was NOT impressed. So, yes, they were both glad to see me when I got back home.

But, yeah. We need to go to the library. There are books that I want there. And I have holds. And I need to turn in my book. And the kids want to check out DVDs ... But, goodness ... I'm so tired. Even though Bubbles did sleep for nearly five hours last night. I still am exhausted.

And the kids REALLY want to go to play at the park. ... So, of course, the weather report says that it's going to be rainy ALL WEEK LONG. Joy.

But, something I get to look forward to ... I ordered nursing bras. I hope they arrive soon. And that they fit well. So I'll have a couple cute and completely functional bras. That'll be nice. And I got them on sale, even. Yay for coupon codes!! ^_^

But, yeah, if you need me, I'll be changing my youngest's clothes. AGAIN.
And doing laundry.
And wanting a nap. Oh, so badly.
And trying not to yell. Ugh.
Sometimes, it'd be really, really nice to have a pinch hitter during the day.
(When Michael's home, it's so much easier. I DO have the opportunity to take a nap or go soak in the tub or something. Oh well. Not so much tonight, since he has a meeting. But it shouldn't be terribly long. Thank goodness!)

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