Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I look like hell.

The last couple days have been ... different.

The rest of the week, besides yesterday and this morning have been great. Don't get me wrong.

But, yesterday, Diana cat was NOT normal. As in, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, had lost a ton of weight -type not normal.

Long story short, she died this morning. I'd laid her in the cat bed next to our bed last night. She was within arm's reach, in case she woke up to meow or anything. We'd forced about 6 oz of water down her (shot it into her mouth with one of the kids' old baby bottles). She'd kept it down. Unlike Tuesday morning, when I gave her maybe an ounce and she puked it up. And couldn't move herself out of the puddle.

This morning, after Michael's alarm went off, I pulled her back into bed with me. So I could cuddle her and help her stay warm. I fell back asleep after Michael called in sick. When I woke up, about seven this morning, she had stopped breathing. And I couldn't find her pulse. She was gone. She went very peacefully ... more so than Gingi-cat did. Which is a small blessing. She didn't appear to be in any pain at the end. Still ...

Michael got up and dug a hole in the backyard while I gathered a box and some fabric to wrap her in. The kids woke up after I had her boxed up. This wasn't a shock to them, after my weeping most of yesterday when it was pretty obvious that she was really, really sick.

Bruise: Mom, I don't want you to cry.
Me: *sniffling* I'm sorry, sweetie. It's not your fault.
Bruise: *wisely* Ah. So it's DIANA'S fault.

(How did I get such wise children?)

They've taken the news well.

Now both the pets we've had since the kids were born are gone. We still have the prickle sisters.
Although hedgehogs don't have the longest of lifespans ... about 3-5 years. And I don't know how old these girlies are.

I've taken some Valerian.
If it weren't against the Word of Wisdom, I'd take a few shots of something stronger.
Hey, I'm just keeping it real. But, since I value my religion and my temple worthiness more than dulling my mental faculties, I'm not going to do it. But I am tempted at times. I just choose not to do it. Because that's how I roll.

Grandpa C, like I mentioned last week, had a heart attack. He's getting better. He's recuperating in an assisted living place until he's strong enough to go back home. He might even be home by this point ... I haven't heard anything for a few days. But, most importantly, he's getting better.

My aunt is back home.

My mom and my stepdad finished redoing my old bedroom back home. Now we have a place to stay when we head down. ^_^ That's nice.
My mom keep apologizing to me for how cold my bedroom was as I was growing up. Turns out there was barely any insulation in that mobile home.
I find it funny that she's so aghast about it. I survived. I just ALWAYS used my electric blanket all night during the cold nights. ... Sometimes, I even read by the light from the temperature gauge ... like when I was grounded. I'm not complaining!

We gave the kids (and ourselves) an early Christmas present. We bought a Wii. And a Netflix account. We've been streaming movies since Saturday. VERY NICE.
And Bruise is THRILLED to beat me at the swordplay dueling on Wii Sports Resort. And Bucket's getting really good at the bowling. (I bowl SO much better on the Wii than I ever have in real life. Just for the record.)

We have most of the Christmas shopping done. We've hung the new family portraits on the wall. New arrangement and all ... It looks good.

I finished the scarves and a hat for some Christmas presents. I was even able to get a scarf done for the kids' Primary teacher (at church). She's been their teacher for over three years ... which, when the kids move classes every year or so, is quite remarkable. And they love her very much. (And who can blame her? She's wonderful!!)
She really loved the scarf that I made. She was amazed that it was her favorite color (I had asked her daughter) and that it was so soft. (Hey, I'm also a very tactile person. I like SOFT fibers. Given my choice, I nab the silkiest yarns that I can. ... My Jayne Cobb hat isn't very soft. Neither is the first scarf I made, when the kiddos were baby-babies. But that's about it.)

Oh ... hey, I figured something out. Might be TMI ... those wacko dreams I reported last post?
Yeah, PMS-dreams. CRAZY. But, at least, there's some explanation. ... If only those nutso dreams were just  limited to that time of the month.

Other dreams I've had:
  1. My Ty-bro was awesome as a stand-up comedian
  2. We were living with my mother-in-law. I was organizing a cabinet and Skypeing (and I don't even use Skype. I'm such a Luddite, I know.) and was BUSTING people up, talking about my mad childreading skillz (yes, that is sarcasm. My skills ... you've heard about them.)
Yeah, those are the ones that I recall off the top of my head.

Funny thing that happened the other day?
Bruise demonstrated WHY one wears the wrist-strap on the WiiMote.
  • As we were playing, he was bowling, I think. And he let go ... and, since I'm a responsible Wii-player, the WiiMote swung around on its strap and smacked him on top of the head.
I REALLY tried not to laugh.

Note that I'm not saying if I succeeded or not.

I also got a good deal on a new external HD for my computer. (My old one is 13 GB from being FULL. Which freaks me out a little. ... I remember when I got my first PC [I grew up with an Apple IIc and a couple of Macs] ... and I thought that I was ALL THAT, having a SIX GIG HARD DRIVE! ... Yeah. That was just over a decade ago. .... I'm OOOOOOOOOLD!!!!)
But, yeah, 2 TB for less than $100 ... Not bad, right? But don't tell me ... it's for CHRISTMAS. It's a surprise!

I got my Visiting Teaching done ... mostly. Michael and I went out last night and delivered plates of Christmas goodies (which I baked in between snuggling Di-di cat yesterday. And not getting the laundry folded or dinner made. Oops. But I did do the dishes. And I washed almost all the laundry! And snuggled a dying cat. So ... yeah. Michael told me that I was doing fine and to stop berating myself for not being Superwoman.)

The kids bunk bed should be delivered any day now. I need to type up our ward's YW history for the year.

I should start dinner ... if I'm going to use the crockpot. Which I should.
There are a few things left to get for Christmas.
And I should finish cleaning the house.

I think that should cover most of it, right?

But, hey, the bills are paid! That's always a huge plus!
And I haven't cried today as much as yesterday ... I try and do my mourning in advance, I suppose.
Which made it necessary to take ibuprofen, a nap (with Diana), and some Tylenol. 
I haven't had to do any of that yet. 

But it explains why I look like hell.



so sorry to hear about your kitty. And I don't think you look like hell. :)

april b said...

So sorry about your kitty! Hugs!

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