Saturday, December 04, 2010

For Aubri

(And for Michael, too, since he accused me of falling off the face of the earth. Blog-wise ... since he was across the room from me at the time said accusal was  ... accused. Yeah.)

20 YEARS AGO (1990):
1. I was nine years old and in Ms. Peter's class at Canyonville Elementary.
2. I was somewhat popular ... at least more so than the rest of my school career. ^_^
3. I was often grounded for having a messy room. Therefore, I read instead of going out to play. I read A LOT. Which explains a lot, come to think about it.
4. I adored my Rosie-cat, one of Mitten's kittens. She was a sweet, wonderful grey, cantalope, and white calico.

10 YEARS AGO (2000):
1. I lived in Corvallis, in an apartment with my finance's sister and two of her friends.
2. I was getting through my sophomore year of college.
3. I was FINALLY growing out the bangs I'd had since I was about four. For good this time.
4. I was surprised Christmas Eve by Michael coming to my parent's house early. (I didn't think I'd see him for at least another twelve hours. Sneaky guy. I almost think that my mom was more excited. Since she got me out of bed ... He wanted to surprise me by being there, by the tree, in the morning. ... And he also gave me my own set of The Chronicles of Narnia. With the Chris Van Allsburg covers! A man who knows what I want. No wonder I keep him. ^_^)
5. I was still around a size 8-10, like how I was through all of high school.

5 YEARS AGO (2005):
1. I had finished college ... and, instead of teaching, I was volunteering once a week at my library.
2. I was HEAVILY pregnant with twins
3. I almost got STUCK in a toilet stall on Thanksgiving. That taught me that being pregnant TOTALLY necessitates using the handicapped bathroom. You NEED that handrail to get back up. Your center of balance is TOTALLY changed.
4. My Bri-bri came over OFTEN to chat with me and keep me sane while Michael worked all day in Eugene. ^_^ (He still does. But I've had Bri withdrawals. I need to change that. ^_^ Right??)
5. My Nana, when we told her that I was pregnant, exclaimed, "I never thought I'd live to be a great-grandma!" ... Yes, it did take us a while to get cracking, didn't it?
6. I started getting preeclampsia. (That was the really low part ... One week of January saw me kept in a hospital bed. Mom and Michael came and stayed with me. And there was cable. And the nurses were all really nice ... so it wasn't TERRIBLE-HORRIBLE ... just, not what I was planning, you know?)
7. I had to stop volunteering at the library. :( I kept getting dizzy as I'd squat and stand up, shelving those new books. I was REALLY bummed about that. I love my library!!

1 YEAR AGO (2009):
1. My kiddos were still three, almost four.
2. We had two working vehicles.
3. I had started volunteering at my library again (Thanks to my mom coming up to watch/teach the kiddos while I shelved the holds).
4. We bought a new DVD player with surround sound, since our old one broke. Grr. But this one still works!
5. My Gingi-cat died the last day of July. I still miss her. But she was pretty old. She was almost 18.

THIS YEAR (2010):
1. My kiddos turned four and started going to Primary (at church)
2. Michael and I took a family history class at church.
3. I applied for a part-time job. Didn't get it. But it's just as well.
4. I cut my hair shorter than I've had it since ... well, ever. And then Bucket cut hers. *sigh*
5. We got a membership to OMSI ... that's kind of exciting, right?(Also, 6. I tried waxing. And, overall, I like it. Seriously, not having to shave my underarms for DAYS in a row? Awesome. And, truly? Michael does an awesome job with Nad's on them. ... Yes, he loves me enough to help me rip out swathes of hair. He's so lucky, right? :P)
NEXT YEAR (2011):
1. I will get at least one more pedicure. I liked the one that I got a couple weeks ago. ^_^
2. Michael will PASS his Engineering License exam.
3. Michael and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary a couple months after our kiddos turn 5.
4. The kiddos will have bunk beds. They've wanted bunk beds for about a year now. ^_^
5. I will have (at least) FOUR nieces and a nephew. (Currently, I have three nieces and one nephew. Not bad for a girl who NEVER thought she'd be an aunt. Because, being an only child, I never thought of marrying anyone with siblings. Yeah. Go fig! :P)
6. I will fit into the cute skirt that I got from Cousin Kathleen at Thanksgiving (I love hand-me-downs!)
7. I WILL get a Wii Fit Plus. By hook or by crook. :P Because, really? I'm rather awesome at the yoga on it. At least, the one time I did it, I rocked. Just sayin'. Ask Michael or Mom C. They'll vouch for me. ^_^
8. If it's up to me, Grandpa C (Michael's grandpa) will live out the year. And many, many more. *nods and tries not to get emotional.*

So, yeah, if y'all want to pray REALLY, REALLY hard that: 

  1. Grandpa C will get over whatever infection the doctors haven't diagnosed and get healthy again, I'd really, really appreciate your efforts on seeing him become at least a nonogenarian.  Yes.
  2. Michael passes his Licensing exam in April. Because we NEED him to pass it.
I would WILDLY, PASSIONATELY, and MADLY appreciate it.
I will pink, puffy heart you for forever and a day ... and even beyond that, really.
If you needed a fan club started, I'd totally do it. Totally.

So ... yeah. 

I'll write a catch-up blog. And maybe I'll come up with something interesting to write soon. ^_^


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