Friday, November 05, 2010

In which I have no clever title

I have been up since dark-thirty this morning.
And I couldn't fall asleep until LATE.

And I'll be driving to pick up Michael from a seminar.
Lord have mercy on my soul. :P

I did write a little for NaNoWriMo this morning. I am not at all deluded into thinking that this is the BESTEST STORY EVAR!!!1! or anything. But I'm writing.
There are some parts that I like.

I'm SO CRAZY BEHIND in it, though. I should be hitting around 8,335 words today. I left off yesterday with about 3,000.  *sigh*

Wednesday morning was ... not all that great. I kept asking the kids to pick up stuff and pick up their stuff and pick up their @)(#$$)(*)@#*$@!! stuff ... and finally, I just got to the point where they got punished for not picking up stuff.
Then they got punished again for not picking up what I asked them to AND for not telling the truth about it.
And we didn't go to McDonald's with my mom when she came up. (She's supportive like that.)

We did get Mom the DVD/VCR that she needed. (Her TV with those built into it is dying. And, once it dies, so does her ability to watch any of the videos that aren't on DVD. But we got one. PHEW!)
I also got some makeup. The kids got clearance costumes and are having fun with those.
(Bruise now can dress up as Jango Fett, a fireman, or an astronaut -- the orange jumpsuit. Too bad it doesn't have a helmet. He also has a new engineer's hat and police hat. Bucket got a Barbie dress, a butterfly fairy, and a Supergirl costume. And a witch's hat. I got one, too. And a new pair of fishnets. ... Yes, I AM a rebel. I wear fishnets to church. So what? Most people compliment them. ^_^)

We didn't go to storytime at all this week. The kids didn't really want to ... so we've relaxed a bit.

It looks my like running/walking buddy is getting REALLY busy. :( So I'm going to have to figure out what to do. But, another of my friends has some free time. So we're going to try and get together today to get out and work off some calories/socialize. ^_^

I had a meeting last night. It was okay ... once I got there.
Too bad my skirt was a little short when I sat down. That was distracting. Boo.
It used to fit better before my belly got all stretched out from carrying the kiddos. Good thing I love them anyways, right?

I'm so lazy right now. I don't want to go to sleep .... but I don't care to do anything else right now, either. What's up with that???

Oh -- WORD TO THE WISE: The Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works? DON'T plug them in upside down. Use a different outlet. They drip if they're upside down.
Still, the hall bathroom smells DIVINE (Winter Apple Mint or something like that. Quite pleasant. And enough that you can smell it through the whole house).

So ... yeah. I need to crank out another 5,000 words or so.

I still haven't worked up the energy to paint my toenails.

I also have a desire to eat something ... but I don't know what I want to eat.
I HATE that.


Hilary said...

You make me smile and chuckle!

Allanna said...

You make me blush with pride!

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