Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Wanna Win a Bicycle? I do. ^_^

I don't know if you've heard of the Madsen bikes. I first heard about them from NieNie's blog.

And, really, my old bike (my dad's, back from when he could see) is in terrible condition. I don't think I've ridden it since my freshman year of college. I know that it needs a new chain. And probably more work that that, since it's as old as I am.

So ... the chance to win a bike. A bike that I could tuck my (helmeted, of course, since I'm a perfect worrywart) kiddos into the back of ... It's tempting. I could race us down the road to the library, lock up the bike and know that it'd still be there ... all the parts (I would think of taking my bike, if it worked, with the convertible jogging stroller/bike trailer ... but ... I obviously am too nervous to leave it outside for that long alone. There are too many parts that can come off. What if someone stole one of the trailer/stroller wheels?? I'd be hosed!).
If I had a bike that I could tuck the kiddos in, I might -- you know -- actually RIDE my bike around. It'd be simple to make a quick trip to Target or Safeway ... even to make a small pick-up at Costco. Or to church (in the summer, when it's not raining)! How cool would that be?

So, if you want to get in on the chance to win a pretty awesome bike (I've read the reviews), go and check it out.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Because, hey, if I don't win, it'd be cool if one of my friends did.
And you might let me give it a try. Just around the block. Right?

So, best of luck!
(And, hey, if you want to wish Katie or me luck, that's most appreciated!)


Hilary said...

Just a thought here...would a quick trip to Costco leave you enough room to tote back what you bought along with the kids?! I know my quick trips to Sams would leave my kids walking if I had that! hehe!

Good luck on winning the bike!

Allanna said...

*lol* Hilary, if I made a quick trip with only a few items (milk, bread, something like that), I'd be able to fit the kiddos and the loot in there.

If they squish. Good thing it's not a long trip.

... OMGosh!! I could make my Visiting Teaching routes in this bike! That'd be awesome!! (I love it when I have a brainflash of epic proportions!)

Hilary said...

And would a dog *REALLY* stay put in the basket?! How about kids?! Is that strong enough to hold an adult because if you got tired of riding the bike, you could totally make one of the kids (or both) pedal YOU around!

And I'm sorry, quick trip with few items and Costco (or Sams) do not go together! Hehe! Although I totally made a quick trip with few items today at Sams: 2 gallons of milk, case of Koolaids for lunches, and Gogurts. But see, the case of Koolaid would mean kids would have had to walk! Especially since I stopped at Dollar Tree to grab some bread too! They'd definitely be walking. I don't like squished bread!

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