Monday, January 13, 2014

The Birthday Extravaganza ...

So, my babies are eight. We had their birthday party. I made it through church. And it's already Monday ...

Let's get caught up:
  • After the kids got home from school (during which time, I wrapped their presents), we went out to dinner (Red Robin ... their choice. And I REMEMBERED to print out the coupons I had for their kids' meals. Phew! And they ate and were serenaded and got free dessert).
    When we got home, though, Bruise had a stomach ache.
    So, two doses of Emetrol and a dose of Kids Pepto later, it was all fine. And we all watched Gremlins (except Bubbles, who was exhausted).
  • Saturday morning, I woke up and checked my email (the plus side of sleeping next to one's smartphone). Dad and L had emailed that morning, about a half-hour ago, asking if they could come up for lunch and leave around 3. I called them back to say, "sure," but that we're leaving the house by 2:30, since we needed to be at the bowling alley by 3.
  • They came up, bearing Arby's. We ate, the kids played with presents from Dad and L (flying sock monkeys ahoy!), and we watched Despicable Me 2 ... and they took off.
  • We made a stop by the grocery store and picked up ice cream (and other supplies, in case folks wanted to stop by our place afterwards ... which is why the house was cleaner than it had been! ... And I had a plate of cookies set out. And a bowl of Pirate's Booty. JUST IN CASE.)
  • Drove to the bowling alley and got settled in for the party.
The party went REALLY well. It was nice to have someone else in change of food, cake, and entertainment. Michael kept an eye on the kids bowling (Bruise, Bucket, Cousins -B,I,C, and H-, and school friends T, D, F, J, and K. Bubbles kept her grandmas (Mom and Mom C) and my Aunt J and stepdad busy. Michael's brother, J, and Dad C bowled, too.

The kids liked the pizza and soda and cake (we supplied ice cream) ... the hardest part for me, was trying to socialize with everyone and then the mad dash of getting everyone pizza and then cake and ice cream. And trying to take pictures (Cosmic Bowling = VERY low light situation. Yay for the DSLR from Michael a few years ago).

It was REALLY fun. And I did enjoy getting to chat with T and D's moms. We all know each other from PTC and volunteering and our kids being friends ... and, since I haven't been called to volunteer in the classroom this year, I barely see them.

The kids got lots of presents ... including their own tablets.

Once we got home, we compiled a list and wrote thank you notes ... most of which have been mailed off.
I still have three here for family. And the rest have been taken to school so that their teacher can make sure that their friends get them.

Between everything, I was tuckered out.

Yesterday, I substituted in Nursery again. I can tell you that Bubbles is NOT a fan of sharing toys. We'll work on that.
However I DID get to color a picture (and Pam [I visit teach her, we're friends, AND she's the nursery leader in our ward/congregation] made sure to label my picture with my name. "A-L-L-A-N-N-A. Looks like 'all anna.' SAY IT RIGHT." Which made me laugh.) ... AND, after one boy knocked down the tables (folded up) that were leaning against the wall, all the kids started stomp-dancing on their impromptu stage.
There were two other moms in there to witness. And we all took pictures and/or video. Good times.

Yesterday, the kids played with their tablets (and dolls and games) while Bubbles napped.

And I worked with Bruise on his Bobcat Trail (Cub Scouts), which he has to do before he can earn any other awards. So, well, we need to get that done. Since he REALLY wants to earn some badges.

Today, I got up, got a shower right away so that I could be sure to pick up a friend on time to give her a ride.
I threw a load in the dishwasher and a load in the washer (or "worsher" as I tend to say it, thanks to my Nana).
And then Bubbles and I went grocery shopping after giving my friend a ride. She (Bubbles) got to pick out some yogurt-covered pretzels.

And ... well, that's been my day so far. I should finish laundry before the kids get home. Clean out the kitchen sink and finish the dishes. Figure out dinner (but I got a treat for after FHE [Family Home Evening] planned!) and maybe read my book. Obviously, exercising is falling by the wayside again. Unless you count grocery shopping, which I really don't.

When the kids get home, we'll work on memorizing the Articles of Faith (looks like we've got the first four of thirteen covered ... just NINE more, right?) and making sure that Bruise still has the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack fresh in his head.

But what I really want to do is just curl up in bed with a book. Or maybe curl up in a hot bath with a book and a facial mask. And repaint my toenails.

But I have to change the catbox first.

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