Monday, October 28, 2013

If I could come up with a clever title du jour, I'd do it ...

So, another week's gone by and I'm blogging again.

Let's see ... what's gone on?
  • My Nana's moved in with my uncle and step-aunt ... and they've managed to sell both her old house AND their current place. ... So they'll be moving again.
  • My dad and (for-all-purposes-and-if-our-state-had-common-law-it'd-be-official) stepmom are still working on getting their other house fixed up (Long story short: RIGHT before they got renters, the plumber TOTALLY screwed up and turned on water and left town for vacation without checking how tight the fittings were ... or, in this case, WEREN'T.
    They've had to pull up subflooring and gut the kitchen ... AROUND the renters. And the worst case is that their insurance is giving them such the run around. The plumber's insurance is a walk in the park in comparison. Still, it's very stressful for them).
  • Bubbles' tongue has healed up. Phew!
  • I'm able to walk without crutches or a cane. I still am learning to walk without a limp (and I have to make sure that my foot isn't turned out when I walk ... which makes me feel like I'm walking pigeon-toed on that side). I'm not back up to speed. And I don't feel at all graceful ... but it's much better than being on crutches.
  • The kids got their costumes: Bruise is a ninja robot (apparently from Power Rangers, not that we watch the show. But whatever makes him happy, right?), Bucket is a version of Skellita Calaveras (from Monster High) -- the Dia de los Muertos make-up is rather fun/challenging to do. Next time I'm going to need whiteface, though, I'm splurging on theater make-up. The white cream facepaint or Wet'n'Wild facepaints make it ... MORE CHALLENGING. Bubbles is wearing her owl costume again (since it still fits and is adorable).
  • Michael and I aren't dressing up ... he doesn't care. And I couldn't figure out anything I really wanted to be ... that, and being laid up for the first half of the month makes me feel like I've been in a coma (ala Captain America) and the world has passed me by without my knowing it.
    I did joke with my mom about going as something REALLY scary. I could print out a sign to wear that reads "Crippling Self-Doubt."
  • We fed the missionaries. One of the sisters is gluten-intolerant. And, in one dish, I put a seasoning that DID contain MSG ... so I was freaking out that I was going to poison her. Thankfully, she's not THAT sensitive. She just has to avoid BREAD and PASTA and things like that. A little MSG isn't going to kill her. (And, sometimes, she'll eat a burrito and darn the consequences!)
  • We carved pumpkins at Mom and Dad C's this weekend. That was fun.
    Bruise opted for a traditional-style Jack-o-Lantern. Bucket carved "Boo!" into hers (almost completely by herself!), Michael carved Jack Skellington's face into Bubbles' pumpkin. I carved a simplistic version of a sugar-skull face into mine.
  • At choir yesterday, the soloist for the number we were practising for didn't come ... so I ended up singing the solo. And our choir director said it was very nice ... and that she'll remember to feature me in the future. (Usually the solos go to the youth [those under 18] in the choir ... so I'm quite flattered. Even though you could TOTALLY tell in the first practice that I was nervous. My voice was very warbly and I had to REALLY work on my breathing. And squeaked a little on the highest note. *sigh*) ... So that was new.
  • Michael and I are ONE EPISODE AWAY from finishing watching Dollhouse (Joss Whedon) ... We had missed a LOT of Season Two, since FOX kept moving around the schedule. *ugh* ... So there were lots of things that we hadn't seen. And we have just one more episode ... Then we'll have to figure out what to watch on streaming next.
  • Also, a few days ago, Netflix had some issue. It was widespread, but not affecting EVERYONE. And we didn't have Streaming for a few hours.
    Did I freak out?
    Yes. A lot.
  • Through a garage sale page on Facebook, we now have an elliptical.
    Once my ankle's a bit stronger, I'll be able to work out ... and catch up on all the episodes of Supernatural on Netflix. And Downton Abbey on DVD. Then the original Upstairs Downstairs.
    And I'll look and feel better, right?
  • I'm still battling this crazy cough. It's started to go away. But I wish it was GONE.
    Especially when I cough enough that my gag reflex engages. Yuck. (TMI, I know)
  • It's nice to be able to stand enough to do my makeup. That's a nice change.
    I find it hard (aka PAINFUL) to kneel. I still have a bit to go before I'm all healed up. 
  • I have a HUGE sinkful of dishes to work on ... That's my goal for the day. That and MAYBE trying out the elliptical, but not doing anything crazy. (I'll wear my ankle brace).
Oh, also, the kids brought home their school pictures. Bruise's is a little wrinkled, since he stuffed it into his backpack. But it'll be fine.
They both look pretty good! Bucket's hair is in good shape, phew! ... Although, goodness, she's growing up too fast. She looks older than seven in her picture (and, with the Halloween makeup on ... Yeah, she almost looks like a teenager. *sigh*). Bruise has this funny, nearly-panicked smile in his.
They both look cute. So, thankfully, I don't have to fret about re-takes this time. PHEW.

I think that's really everything to share. I should get started on housework and get a shower and such.
(Even though, with the cold weather having come in, all I really want to do is curl up with some books, hot cocoa, a warm blanket, the cat, and maybe some period-piece dramas. I'll just have to save that for when the kids are all in school, right?)

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