Monday, August 06, 2007

The logic abounds in our house. Truly. (Okay, not-so-truly at all.)

Me: Honey! Daniel Biss is running for Illinois State Representative!

Michael: [looking up from me intterupting (again) him reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix] Um. That's nice.

Me: If we had money, we could donate for his campaign!

Michael: I don't even know what his platform is.

Me: What does it matter?!? He's the RESIDENT MATHEMATICIAN for Nerdfighters!! What else IS there???


I read a good book the other day. Be warned, there's profanity. But it's a GREAT book.
The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. It's about a girl in a town in Germany during the Holocaust and it's really, really good and I really, really liked it. And I'm so glad that I was reading In My Pants and caught that John Green recommended it. Because it is good.

Also, today ... when they weren't screaming or messing with my computer or unfolding the clothes that I. HAD. JUST. FOLDED., Bruise and Bucket were cute. Like when Bruise was walking in the kitchen, sucking on a pacifier ... and his feet wedged into a pair of stacking rings (the yellow and green ones, to be precise). There he was, clopping around, happy as a clam.
Bucket demanded books and more books today. Right now she's on a kick of the touch-and-feel-type books.

I still really have no idea what I'm doing as cubmaster. I've emailed the bishopric counselor over me to ask some questions. I also left a message with the Primary president ... we'll see when I hear back from anyone. Still, I have been able to schedule a couple visiting teaching appointments. And I know when the round table meeting is (so I can go to that, as is my duty as a cubmaster.)

I made crockpot chili yesterday. It took forever to cook, since I used dried beans that I had soaked, instead of the canned beans. It tastes good, though. I made myself a couple of chili cheese burritos this afternoon. They were pretty good.

Well, I'm going to close up. Mostly since I haven't said anything particularly brilliant ... and it's not looking like that's going to change anytime soon. Sorry!


N & K Caulder said...

Toddlers try your patience, huh? I'm starting to find Audrey driving me crazy on a regular basis. Joys. At least they're so darn cute!

Cynthia said...

I also read the book thief and it was really really good. I was cryong so much at the end that I had to put the book down!

fold my laundry please said...

I saw that you commented on my blog today and I have to did you find me? I, too, am a nerdfighter! Brotherhood 2.0 rocks! Also, I am LDS, and, I have a HUGE dislike of ebola. Oh, and the size 0 thing. I dislike that, too. Because it ain't gonna happen. Period. Anyway, I was glad to meet a kindred spirit and I hope to hear more from you!

fold my laundry please said...

We're in Wilsonville right now, but we're going to be moving to the Salem area in two or three months. My husband works there and the commute each day is killing him. Where are you at?

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