Tuesday, August 21, 2007

He's growing up ...

So, we've been noticing that Bruise has been looking a little shaggy.

See Exhibit A, taken at the beginning of the month:

Seriously, check out the hair over his ears. It's long. (It goes to his earlobe.) Sometimes, it acts like it has a mind of its own and positively LEVITATES behind or over his ears. It won't stay down ... it just looks ... weird.
And I don't want my dear, little son to look WEIRD. He's my son! And he's gonna look HANDSOME! NOT WEIRD!
Because I love him and I think he looks handsome no matter what. Even when he's been throwing a tantrum and his face is covered in ... well, y'all get the idea.

So, we finally caved and gave him a haircut, since he was REALLY needing one. I was just going to use scissors and give him a trim around the ears, mostly ... since his baby-fine fluff was always hovering outwards ... However, Michael suggested the clippers, so we went that route. There was conversation involving "Which blade, I mean GUARD, should I put on it?" "Oh, a number three." "... Um, which one is a number three? The biggest one?" (The guards are labeled with measurements -- e.g., 3/8", 1/4", 3/4" -- NOT numbers, so my question is TOTALLY relevant and not stupid, okay?)
And I outfitted the clippers with the 3/8" guard and Michael did most of the cutting. I finished up, since Michael kept commenting on how fine Bruise's hair is. (So, finally, I asked, "Do you want me to finish it?" And he was all, "Okay, if you want to." So I did.) Bruise was bribed with animal crackers and Bucket was JEALOUS that she didn't get to sit in the high chair and have HER hair cut.

I did go back and do a little scissor-trim ... I cut his bangs a little close. Oops. But he seemed pretty happy when he got to look in the mirror on the bathroom door as I told him how handsome he looked.

What do you think?

Here's the front: Look no more fluffies behind/over his ears!

A nice profile shot ... with Bucket getting her time in the high chair (even though she's still upset that we didn't cut HER hair too. Poor girl.)


And here's all that we took off. It's sitting on a letter sized envelope, in case you needed reference.

I am going to miss the teeny little flippy-curls that Bruise had ... but the fluffy over the ears had to go.
And, to mask the close-cut bangs, I can always pull out some pomade and spike it a little.
He'll look all hardcore ... or, at least, um, metrosexual. Maybe.
But still handsome. Oh so handsome.

He looks a lot older without the Eddie Munster pointy-bang and no fluff. I feel like I should be more distraught ... but I'm really okay with it. It's just one of those things that have to happen.
(For Bucket's benefit, I did look for any split ends that I could trim for her ... I found nothin'. So her locks are still unsheared. So sad for her.)
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fold my laundry please said...

Both of my boys got their first hair cuts on their first birthday. They both had fairly long hair by then and really needed it. My oldest had the cutest curls that never came back after that first cut! So sad! :(

The last time I took the boys to get their hair cut, Aurora was pretty insistent that she get her hair cut, too. The lady was nice enough to sit her in the chair, put on the cape, comb her hair, and then clip the scissors around her head a few times without actually cutting her hair. That seemed to satisfy her. She'll be two this Saturday and I still haven't had her hair cut at all! She has really beautiful curls and I'm so afraid they'll go away like her brother's curls did!

N & K Caulder said...

Wow, you are really good about the haircut. I'm so putting off Audrey's hair cut as long as possible. I just love the curls and I'm so afraid if I cut them off that will be the end of them. Your bugs are so cute!

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