Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As I was reading my (looooong) list of daily blogs, I came across this cute little meme. So I'm sharing. Feel all special, okay??

Eight Things About My Marriage
1. Where did you meet your husband?
Short answer: Through church.

Slightly longer answer: Through my church friends. Michael was well-known in the U-wards ... mostly since he was a long-timer (he attended for a little before his mission, then came back and attended again). We knew of each other ... but until a group-date-that-wasn't-really (long story. I'll tell it soon. I really will), I never really thought of him as future-husband material.

2. What was the first thing you said to him?
Um ... I think it was, "Terra was right. You really DO have long eyelashes!"
This was before that group date ... And I said it kinda out of the blue. And then I felt guilty for making him blush. And, yet, after all that ... he still proposed. Go fig.

3. Where was your first date? Kiss?
Our first date was to the dollar theater (which has since been bulldozed into a parking lot) and then to Taco Bell. Where I impressed him by ordering Nachos (He was used to girls that didn't eat, I guess. Whereas, I was hungry ... and did eat. But not the whole thing, since we were too busy talking).
Our first kiss was at of one of our friend's carport, as he was helping me get all my stuff to go back to my dorm. (I smile like a goon when I think of it.)

4. Did you have a long or a short courtship?
I think it was just right. At times it felt long (when we were waiting for our wedding date to come about), but from first date to wedding date was 11 months. We dated for six months, he proposed the day after our six-month dating anniversary ... we got married 5 months after that.

5. Where did you get engaged?
Next to the stove in my mom's kitchen. I was covered in grime and general nastiness from my part-time job at the local plywood mill. And Michael wouldn't let me go get a shower. And then there was a ring. And then I was all like *inner monologue* "A ring. It's a diamond ring. Yeah, diamonds are my birthstone, but people don't just go offerin' diamond rings .... Oh-h-h-h ..." And I said *out loud* "Really??"

6. Where did you get married?
The Portland temple. and It was great. It would have only been better if my mom had been able to come up the night before, if I wasn't hacking up a lung (or concentrating REALLY HARD on not coughing up said lung), and if I had eaten breakfast (so I didn't almost pass out a couple times during pictures. *nervous laugh*).

7. How did the reception go?
Reception? Try receptionS. We had two. One in the college town we were both living in (and continued to live in until December) and one in my hometown. They were both really nice. Our families planned them for us (so Michael and I could concentrate on our college classes and making googly eyes at each other). If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have smooshed the cake in his face, no matter how much Jonnie-Bean goaded me on. And then, at the second reception, I wouldn't have had cake in my eye (Retribution sucks).

8. How was the honeymoon? Very nice. It could never have been too long ... we went to the Oregon Coast. Bandon. And we had time to go to a petting zoo, walk on the beach, relax in our hotel room (with hot tub. That's the way to go), window shop, try all the samples in Cranberry Sweets ... And then we drove home and opened lots of presents and gave Ginger-cat lots and lots of pettings, since she might have been lonely ... or maybe she noticed that I wasn't there so she could sleep on my head or something.

Yeah, I'll be filling in some of the gaps soon. Don't worry. I'll try not to keep y'all hanging for long. ^_^

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N & K Caulder said...

Yay. I'm glad to learn a little more about you guys. I missed that whole phase for you. Thanks for sharing.

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