Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well ... It's been a while ...

So, I last blogged about Mother's Day ... and, well, what all has happened since then?
Let's do a quick catch-up:

  • So, Mom and I went out shopping on Wednesday (with Miss Bubbles in tow, of course). She had asked for sunglasses for Mother's Day, since her old pair was getting scratched up. So, of course, I was more than willing to help her out. We ended up at Ross where I got her two pairs of glasses ... and she ended up replacing her purse and wallet. ... We also ended up, with Bubbles' help, losing her watch. Oops.
  • We got plants for Grandma and Mom C. Mom C had requested something to cover a short wall in their yard. And, since their house is on a pit of clay, we got them Viburnum, which will be pretty ... and is one of the only plants that will do well with that soil.
    We picked up some flowers for Grandma to plant -- a couple alyssum, a petunia, and a foxglove.
  • Michael's baby sister had her birthday ... she's (as she declares) "20-something."
    I am not 20-anything. And will never be again. *sigh*
    But her daughter did fall asleep on me ... I credit my chub. It's pillow-y.
  • Bubbles is sleeping better and back to her sweet, happy self again.
  • I got through Season one of Upstairs, Downstairs. I like it. It's a slightly-more modern version of Downton Abbey ... but without Thomas (who's rather a jerk ... at least in season one of DA ... and from the talk I've heard, nothing changes much in the next two seasons ... which I do still need to watch).
  • I got some books in the mail ... I now have the WHOLE collection of Shanna Swendson's "Enchanted, Inc." series. I've read all but the last one. And I have a stack of library books that I NEED to get through ... so ... well, I'm going to read that last one. But it's not happening immediately. *sigh*
  • I also got a book for the kids (and, well, to be honest, it's for me, too): That's Disgusting!  ... It's HILARIOUS. You should totally read it. 
  • I'm mostly over the plague. I still cough a lot ... but it's more of a dry (annoying) cough.
    Yes, Gallery Photo in Rexburg worked some kind of magic ... and we got our pictures. Some of them aren't perfect (like only 75% of the picture shows up. Or vice versa. But it's a dang sight better than not have ANY of the pictures on the card. And, really, nearly ALL the pictures that I REALLY wanted turned out fine. Phew!!
    So, yeah, if you ever are having issues with an SD card, you should totally check these guys out.
  • Today, we went to Costco and had our picture taken with some of the local 501st Legion chapter.
    Bubbles refused to give Darth Vader a high five, but, besides that, it was fun.
    We also gave a friend and her boys a lift to it so they could go, too. Good times.
  • I did do my Visiting Teaching ... all via email and Facebook ... but I did make sure to touch bases with each of my sisters ... so that counts, right?
  • Bubbles is getting closer and closer to talking. She likes to say "Iiissssssh" for "fish" ... and I think that she's trying to say "hi" and "hello." She likes to babble "mamamamammamama" and "dadadadadadada" ... But it's progress, right? And she's starting to nod her head for "yes," which is a good thing, too.
  • The kids are getting closer and closer to summer vacation. And ... at the same time I'm looking forward to it (I get to see Bruise and Bucket a LOT more!) and scared (Oh. My. GOSH ... what am I going to DO with three kids all day every day?!??).
    I know that I need to make sure that the kids read and write and do maths and science and social studies. They also are going to work on reading the Book of Mormon (we'll do it together ... and try and get through it during the summer) and memorizing the Articles of Faith.
    We also need to get the kids into swimming lessons ... since they didn't have lessons last summer (Thanks, Molluscum, you stupid virus. Way to wreck my summer last year.), they don't really remember how to swim. *sigh*
    And, then there are lots of places to go and things to do ... local museums, Summer reading programs. Playdates. ... all those types of things.
  • One of my sisters-in-law had a sad thing happen ... the cat they had (they had gotten her as a kitten on their honeymoon) passed away. Very sad.
    But, happy news, they picked up a couple of kittens at a local no-kill shelter. The fuzzy siblings love their new home ... and the family loves having kittens.
    It's almost enough to make me think of getting another animal ... But then I think of how much work it would be. And I think better of it. (Although, when we go to VoldeMart, Bubbles DOES have her eye on these tiny puffer fish ...)
  • Bucket is pushing for us to get a dog someday.
    Don't get me wrong, dogs are lovely creatures ... but they're REALLY NEEDY. It'd be like having another child. And Michael's not the type to have a dog in the house. (And our yard isn't all fenced. Even if it were, our yard is rather small.)
    Bucket REALLY wants a Welsh Corgi. Which, at least, is better than a Chiuaua. (No offense intended to any of you who love what my husband refers to as "rat-dogs." In fact, my grandmother had a nice one, named Ticker. ... I don't know why he was named that. But, at least as a geriatric dog, he was very nice. And nowhere near as wired and ill-behaved as her Dachshund duo. Oh ... oh, my.)
  • Bruise got to practice writing his numbers (1-100) in five minutes or less. He knows now that he can do it ... and that one of the other classmate's techniques doesn't work for him. But he's able to finish with over a minute to spare. He also still has some trouble pronouncing some words: Churro (sounded more like "shallot"), lawn mower ("molar") ... but he's working really hard. And it's showing.
I think that's about all that I really have to write about.

I did read some scriptures today (getting back on the bandwagon! WHOOHOO!) ... So, yeah. There's that.

Should I work on teaching the kids cursive this summer? Maybe that would help Bruise's handwriting?

Also, I should work at putting together a slew of freezer meals.
I helped a gal that I used to Visit Teach by bringing over a meal. I brought her pizza.
She was happy with it ... but, well, it'd be nice to have a stash of ready-made, healthy meals within reach at all times. I should work on that.

And losing weight. That'd be nice.
Even though I am having a MAD craving for Nacho Cheese Doritos. (WHY?!? ... And I'm not pregnant.)

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