Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting Caught Up - Twinners' Birthday Edition

Yes. I suck at blogging right now. I know.

So, we last left off with my getting plans done for the kids' birthday, blah blah blah ...

Let's see, what all really DID transpire between then and now?

  • The kids had the last of Christmas Vacation. Michael went back to work.
  • We cleaned the house a lot.
  • Mom and Julie came up early for the kids birthday (They had other appointments on the kids' birthday-day). We also invited over my cousin in college to have dinner with us.
  • Michael and I had another rehearsal for Savior of the World.
    I had hoped that we could sit together, like a date night or something.  NOPE!
    And, in the ONE line that I sing (we were doing a complete read-/sing-through), I was
    PITCHY. AS. HELL. .... Winning!! /sarcasm.
  • Bubbles has gotten three teeth in. All on the right side of her mouth. One bottom, then two top ones (and not the two FRONT teeth. Only ONE front tooth and then the one right next to it).
  • I took cookies in to the kids' classes on their birthday. Unfortunately, the snacks weren't passed out until afternoon ... so the kids got the wrong napkins. Worse things have happened. At least they were just green or orange napkins, right?
On Bruise and Bucket's birthday (how's THAT for alliteration, yo?), we were taking them out to dinner.
I approached them with the offer that they had to BOTH decide on ONE place to go (please not McDonald's ... since Michael doesn't much like MickeyD's. Me? I'm addicted to their breakfast burritos ... But, yeah.)

I figured that they'd opt for Red Robin or something ... No!
Bruise stated that he wanted a local Mexican restaurant (one that Michael and I REALLY like). And Bucket immediately concurred.
Which, strikes me as funny NOW, since they were adamant to go to a Mexican restaurant ... to order chicken fingers and fries.
But, really, they love the atmosphere. And the chips and (mild) salsa ... and getting their own drinks that can have refills.

So, that was good. And we let them open the presents that they picked out for themselves (Seriously ... presents on Tuesday -- with some that they got into of those on Thursday morning, presents on Thursday, and more presents at their party on Saturday): A LEGO Heroica game (Bruise had wanted it for MONTHS. And, when he picked it out, it had been marked down $9 on clearance. Woot!) and a set of glittery, tiny My Little Ponies.

Friday, we got the house about all cleaned up. Just some dishes left over ... and I started FREAKING OUT.
We were going to make and decorate cakes ... and I, well, I couldn't work up the energy or motivation to do it.
So, executive decision -- we were already going to buy ice cream, pizzas, and a veggie tray ... why not just let the kids pick out a cake, too? (Michael, then, put a LEGO Batman and a LEGO Friends Olivia with a basketball and a soccer ball on top for decorations. Along with the candles.)

I also was FREAKING OUT because barely anyone had RSVPed. I didn't know if we should get two pizzas? Three?
My dad had called to cancel, since they didn't like driving in icy weather. Can't blame them.
Mom and Julie had come up earlier.
Mom and Dad C had told Michael they were coming. And that T2 and her family would probably be there.
I had no idea if Michael's other sister's family, his brother's family, or his other brother were going to make it.

Turns out that his sister-in-law and her kids did come. She said that she tried texting and it wasn't working.
(And I BIT MY TONGUE against asking about email or Facebook ... since she has those, too. Yes. I must be PMSing. I'm so damn special. Ugh.)

But it was a good party. I got to use my video camera to film the kids blow out their candles and open presents.

Afterwards, I was pretty beat.
After about an hour after the rest of the family left, I told Michael that I was going to put Bubbles down and go lie down (The nieces and nephew were still over, playing ... but Michael can handle that.)

I wasn't able to fall asleep ... so I read and took a bath. I felt better for that.

Sunday, Bruise had a talk for Primary (church children's group/class). He did a good job, even though it was hard to hear him. He was reading loudly ... but, well, about 30 3-7-year-olds make a LOT of noise, too.

We have one of the guys from my home ward in our ward here. I know his sisters better (mostly from Young Women's at church) ... but he's a wonderful guy. It's good to see him.

Yesterday, Michael had jury duty. He wasn't selected to participate in the jury yesterday, so he came back home and we (and Bubbles) went out to lunch. Yummmm ... Pad Thai and Yellow Chicken Curry ... yummmm.
Then he had to head to work ... and, while Bubbles napped, I worked on cleaning up our room a bit.
It's not, by ANY means, perfect ... but it's a dang sight better!

I've worked on our bathroom a little. Cleaned a couple cabinets out. I REALLY need to clean/organize the cupboards ... But ... well ... yeah.

Yesterday evening was .... not the best. I'm still rather unhappy about it.

I had made dinner (chicken and rice) ... and Bucket wasn't happy with it. The straw that broke the camel's back was when she pretended to vomit (silently) in it.
I fed Bubbles, while I cried ... then excused myself to the bedroom. ... And Michael took the kids for family home evening .... because, well, I really, really did not want to be anywhere around my older daughter at all. (I wasn't going to hurt her. Or yell at her ... but I just couldn't be around her.)

It probably wouldn't have been that bad if she hadn't refused to eat dinner the PREVIOUS night, too.


So ... I still am not feeling ... happy. I mostly feel like crying. But I hate crying over stupid things (which, truly, explains MOST things that I cry about) ... so ... I ... I'd just mostly like to go secrete myself into a cave somewhere with piles of books and wi-fi ...  ... ... Just until I feel that I can get back to being myself.
But that ain't gonna happen.

Also ... to end this on a high(er) note ... Last night, I couldn't fall asleep easily. I finally turned off my phone and rolled over to sleep ... Just in time for a child to wake up and go to the bathroom. Whoever it was went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and was coughing a LOT.
Then I heard them go out of the bathroom and walk a little.

Since I knew that they had stepped into our room, I turned over, ready to ask what was wrong ... and had to surpress a gasp of shock!

... Let me set the scene for you.
It is DARK.
You roll over, expecting to see the dimly-lit face of one of your children ...
And, LO AND BEHOLD, there is a brightly-glowing,headless skeleton.

Yes, Bruise and Bucket (it was Bruise who's in the room) wore their glow-in-the-dark pajamas.

After I took care of him ... got him to stop coughing and go back to bed, Michael woke up enough to ask what was wrong. ... And I let him know about the coughing and all ... and that I was surprised by a headless, glowing skeleton climbing into our bed. ... We did get quite a laugh out of that. And Michael was appreciative that I didn't scream.

So, yes, amid the crap bits of parenthood, there are always the fun/ny parts, too.

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