Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The ward missionary meeting went well. I talked first. It was good. Then Missy talked (she gave us Mambas!! Yum!) about diligence. Very good. Then we ran out of time and it was over.

So I went home. Where Mciahel and I watched yesterday's American Idol. Hmm. The girls don't seem to be as about showmanship as the guys have been. I wonder why? Right now, Michael's watching Smallville (one of his fave shows), then we'll watch today's American Idol and see if people we prefer have been voted off ("The tribe has spoken." -- Yeah, wrong show, I know ... but it's still hilarious to say in other situations. My skewed sense of humor).

Oh!!! Preview for Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. I have got to see that! Sandra Bullock such a funny actress.

*yawn* *stretch* Yup, I'm ready for bed ... but I want to catch Idol first. Sometime I need to do some more book reviews on my other diaryland site. I've only done two. It's rather pitiful.

I also need to read the books I borrowed from the Institute's library. They're not really long ones, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, this entry is really random. Like every other entry that I've ever written. I don't think it will change anytime soon, either.

This week is so busy ... it feels like it should be friday, not Wednesday. Yesterday didn't feel like a Tuesday, either, by the way.

*sigh* Posting photos to this is not simple, obviously. Well, that's something I'll tackle when my brain is fresh and I don't have cupcake-breath. It was a good cupcake, though. Very good.

As you can tell, I just feel like writing, although I really don't have anything to say. Ho hum. *blink blink* Yeah, I'm kinda getting loopy-tired now. Not good. And I didn't wake up that early or anything! Ugh.

Okay, I'm wrapping up.

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