Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sit tight, boys and girls! It's time for an entry!

Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess. She lived in a happy land, far away. It was a peaceful time, full of laughter, unicorns, conservation, and calorie-free chocolate. Everyone was loved and accepted for who they were.

That fairy princess isn't me. I'm me. I have no idea who this fairy princess is ... who even wrote that crapload of drivel?

Oh ... that was me. Oops. ... I mean who wrote that entry of amazing literary proportions?!? It's genius! I bow down before it!

Well, that's enough sarcasm to get his blog off the ground. Good for me. Well, I have less and less time to kill before I go to a meeting. Take that to mean that I'm closing this up.

I know that you're just dying for another post. Don't worry. There will be more.
However, to tide you over, you can read my diary. Yeah. Really! Click here

All right. Now I'm closing up. ... Wait!

If you need a face to go with the blog, go here.

Now I'm closing.

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