Monday, October 23, 2017

Crazy Dream Chronicles Strikes (Yet Again)

So, since I didn't post FIRST THING upon getting up, I only have snatches of last night's dream ...

  • It was at a school.
  • I was a janitor? Whatever, I was there with Michael after hours.
  • There was a display case.
  • In the display case (which was easily opened, ... this is pertinent a couple bullet points down)
  • Part of the display is a tall, thin, skinny-oval egg. It's tan and speckled with darker brown, white, and black spots.
  • The egg begins to crack/hatch.
  • A little animal (about seven inches [or thereabouts] long squirms out.
  • I pick it up.
  • It's a beaver ... a very cute and tiny and well-behaved beaver.
  • I don't know what to do with it
  • I start to browse the internet [with incognito tabs, since I don't have a license for owning a beaver and I don't want to get in trouble, but it doesn't have a mom and I can't bear for it to starve, since it's a newly-hatched BABY ... and, YES, irl, I KNOW that beavers are MAMMALS and do NOT hatch from eggs] for BEAVER MILK, since I know that there's cat-milk for abandoned kittens, so NATURALLY there'd be BEVER MILK, OF COURSE.

    (There's a reason I call these "crazy dream chronicles" ... My subconscious is a very strange place.)
  • I'm working my darndest to sell Michael on the idea of having a baby beaver.
  • He's not really buying it, but agrees that we can foster it while we call a wildlife refuge to take decent care of it.

  • But, I think that when we called, they couldn't take it for some amount of time, so I NEEDED to foster this critter.
And that was the main gist of my dream.


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