Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some cute things

After my last post got kind of heavy, I figured that we needed some levity.

(Cue Auntie Mame belting "We Need a Little Christmas" ... but not exactly.)

So, yesterday, while Michael was on his commute home, there was traffic. Like adding 20 minutes to his 45-minute commute.

As I hung up with him, Bubbles was asking where Daddy was.

Me: He's stuck in traffic, sweetie. There's a lot of cars that aren't moving much right now.

Bubbles: *gasps* Dat's not KIND!

Me: And there were two fire trucks and an ambulance. People probably got hurt.

Bubbles: Oh no! Dat's bad! Not kind!

So... she's got the idea that bad = not kind.
Which isn't a bad way to think about it.
Since I figure that if I teach my kids to respect others and be kind and to love them, well, the world will be a better place for it.

Also, Bubbles went everywhere in her Princess Sofia dress, dress-up shoes, and crown yesterday.
It was pretty adorable ... something that only a toddler can really pull off (because those shoes are SMALL).

As she practiced dancing in the front room, she'd conclude her dance number.

Bubbles: Okay. Say "yaaaaaay" and clap hands!

Me: "Yaaaaaay!!" *claps*

Bubbles: Good job! Good job, Mommy! You did it!

Everyone's mentioning that she's talking a lot more and much better.
She's a funny little munchkin.

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