Monday, March 30, 2015

In which I have terrible dreams

It's been a while since I ... blogged. At all.

But, golly gee, y'all ... after these dreams I had last night ...

They were whack. And not wiggedy-whack. Just the regular (horrible) kind of whack.

Dream number one:
Started out cool. I was hanging with my friend, T, who I haven't gotten to hang with for over a year. (Yes, I know. Priorities and all. But she's working AND going to school AND has a son with his own activities. And, right now, my kids have a crazy schedule ... just added upon by Michael's and my schedules ... so, justification).

BUT, T and I were hanging out and we decided to go to Tillamook, which was a LOT more touristy and mall-having in my dream, with a detour to another town which we couldn't remember the name.

AND THEN, I realized that it was Monday and that I wasn't there to pick up Bucket from school after her after-school activity ... and that Bruise and Bubbles were left at home, all alone. BAD MOM.

So, my mom drove up from her house to take care of things and was totally disappointed in me (as she SHOULD be, if I pulled a dumb move like that. I totally COULD take T out to drive around, but arrange child care FIRST.)

... I should mention that I had a dream a couple nights ago where I had some of my library ladies (from when I volunteered at the next town's library -- and most of whom have retired or left in the mean time. Everything changes ...) babysit Bubbles for me while I shopped around in the next town (which was more like how Downtown Roseburg USED to be) ... odd, yes. Because they were working AND watching Bubbles for me.

But in the OTHER dream I had last night, I had been called in by LJ (who since has retired from the library and moved away) to help shelve books ... because they just needed lots of help.
And I needed to be there at 6pm.

I had gone out, in my dream, with some friends to drink some tea. And I ended up using the Lavender-Camomile tea (that I DO have irl), so I took the tea bags that I had paid for to use later.

When I got home I worked at cleaning out my purse. And I had a problem ... the kids get home after school ... and Michael doesn't get home (irl) until AFTER 6pm. And, let's face it, my kids are not always the most conductive to working.  ... so I was cleaning out my purse and I noticed that Bruise got home and it was DARK and it was 6pm ... and the library was about a half-hour's drive away ... so I was going to be late. And I didn't want to CANCEL, but I couldn't get there on time AND I couldn't leave my kids alone while I worked a shift ...

So, I just, you know, rewound time. But things totally changed.
There I was, in my childhood dining room as my mom is coming home, with siblings (that I don't have irl) and a stepfather (not C, but a jerk of a guy). And I had to incapacitate him, since he's such a jerk, to protect Mom and my siblings. And I'm stepping/standing on his throat while he's on the ground, grabbing my ankle. So I have to stand with BOTH feet on his throat. And he stop breathing.
So, since I NEED to make my library appointment, I leave him there, instructing someone to call 911 and have him hauled to jail if he's still alive, and I take my mom's car so I can get to the library.

Stressful dreams, YES. I don't like them.
I prefer dreams that I don't remember to actively stressful dreams. I also prefer just the random-odd type dreams to BAD dreams.

Let's just say that I was really ready to be awake, though I was/am still tired.

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