Thursday, January 29, 2015

Was ist los?

So, I was doing fine for a bit ... now I've gotten all prickly.

The kids are still grounded (well, the older two are, anyways).
They're supposed to alternate on chores -- One will be in charge of cleaning up the dining room and doing laundry; the other will be in charge of dishes and the living room. Nothing HUGE. Just keep the floor/furniture picked up, put books/toys away and load/unload the dishwasher or washer/dryer.
And they just put it all off for forever. So now instead of just being grounded off of their tablets and watching shows, they've proved that I have to make sure they finish their chores or they can't read/play with toys/go outside.

It's really annoying. Oh well. Whatever.

I'm terribly behind in my scripture reading ... but I've finally STARTED (just 21 chapters until I'm caught up for the day. But, hey, at least I'm IN Second Nephi now ... instead of now even having started).

I've gotten the cupboards base primed and with the first coat of color painted on. And one cabinet door is primed. Once it dries, I can start painting it. ... And the cabinets under the sink are all done. ... Once I get THIS cabinet done, Michael can take the little medicine cabinet off the wall ... and I can work on that. Since it's SO much smaller, I think that I'll manage to get it done in a LOT less time than this is going to take me. (And not JUST because there's ONLY two doors on that.)

But, yeah, something seems to be wrong with me ... and I don't know WHAT, exactly. Just that I am not as happy as usual.

Since I dreamt last night that I was asked to teach Gospel Principles (and accepted, since I was in a rush and not listening), then realized that I already have a calling during church so that I CAN'T teach toddlers AND adults at the same time (in different rooms) ... so I'm searching, in my dream, to find who asked me ... since I don't know what lesson anyways AND I have to tell her that NO, I couldn't teach ... and she needs to find someone who CAN ...

Mom says that it sounds like I'm stressed. But about what?
  • Maybe the fact that I've disassembled the bathroom cupboard to paint it ... and it won't be completed for at least a week?
  • Maybe the fact that I'm frustrated at needing to badger my children into doing regular chores?
  • Maybe that I have a lesson to teach  each Sunday this month? (Don't get me wrong ... I just don't always LOVE teaching.)
  • Maybe that I'm trying to come up with crafts for the Nursery kids for Valentine's, Mothers', AND Fathers' Days? (I already missed Christmas 2014. Whoops!)
  • Maybe it's because I'm attempting to get Silly Putty out of one of Bucket's pajama tops? And I need to sew on a badge onto Bruise's Cub Scout uniform?
  • Maybe it's to do with my latent self-loathing because I am not the size and shape that I was when I got married? (If so, I should really work on that.)
  • Maybe I'm just taking crazy pills ... 
But, regardless, it's a little irritating when I'm trying to do the right things, that I get all down and irritable. What's up with that?

But, yeah.

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